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Reflective Alu foil bubble insulation


Product Name: Reflective Alu foil bubble insulation

Structure: Alu foil+woven fabric+ bubble+woven fabric+Alu foil

Bubble size :10*2.5mm,10*4mm,10*5mm,20*6mm,20*7mm

Roll size  :1.2m*30m/roll,1.2m*40m/rol




1), Waterproof, heavy duty, clean, light, flexible, non-absorbent surface

2), Fire resistant & antiglare

3), Recyclable, environmentally friendly

4), Effective in extreme temperatures both hot and cold

5), Easily install, cut, stapled, nailed or glued into place

6), Safe to handle with no special clothing or breathing Equipment




1,Building Thermal Insulation Material

(1),Roof,Underlay,Under Concrete & floor Insulation; 

(2),Attic,Crawl Space,Stud Wall ,MetalFrameBuildingInsulation.



(1),Protective coatings of ventilating pipe,HVAC Duct & Pipe;

(2),Shells of air conditioner and water heater.